Do you love reading? If so, why?

Do you love reading? If so, why? by Sthiti

Answer by Sthiti:

I love reading books because I enjoy learning and gaining knowledge thoroughly. Sometimes when Im very frustrated about something..i just relax and read helps me escape from the filthy reality.

I get plunged and immersed in my imagination.

Reading makes my English writing skills improve a great deal, my mind becomes more creative.. I can keep myself calm in the most hoax situations.

It definitely helps me overcome vehemency. It helps me shift my mind from disturbances. I can actually put myself in the shoes of the main seems as if I go through what the character is going through..i cry ..I smile..i mourn I grow….…and ultimately..i become a more exprerianced person!

sometimes I wish I could be more like a character in a working towards that.

there was a time when I used to kill my entire day in the virtual world of fb.. WhatsApp..nd march of empires..a game..with all these fake friends who have vacated me when they could not make any benefit out from me..books helped me overcome from all these habbits.

so friends ..start reading..

not tomorrow..not today….but now!!!!!

seize the moments don't squander it..

I love books..

I love reading…

I love writing…..

and ill carry these habbits with me in my grave 🙂

I hope you all appreciate this piece of writing ^_^

please inspire me to write more by commenting or simply by upvoting



Do you love reading? If so, why?


I read books like all the bright place, 13 reasons why, twilight, Harry Potter… tell me some other books similar to my taste?

I read books like all the bright place, 13 reasons why, twilight, Harry Potter… tell me some other books … by Sthiti

Answer by Sthiti:

Ok now since you are asking for my opinion in distinct..i may telIyou what types of books I prefer the most..why only adhere to one genre? Try the ones I recommend you u.. I pledge you will love them for sure!
And try to vanquish the habbit of sticking to one genre.

So you like harry potter..well to be honest I will never be able to enjoy reading them..this life. I absolutely abhor such wizardly books..which has no link with the reality..absolutely extraneous..
But I used to enjoy reading Narnia when I was a kid..twilight is at least worth reading..

If you want to read something similar to twilight..i will highly recommend you to read Dead beautiful by Yvonne woods..simply amazing…immensely appealing …….. the kind that wud haunt you long after you e finished reading it!
I'm giving u some more options..but these r out of your genre..

But I assure..u will approve.

1 Sherlock Holmes is a must must!
2 Doctors, Love Story,Prizes, Act of Faith by Erich segal
3 The clients,The street lawyer By John Grisham
4 Until I find John Irving
That's all for now

So go ahead jump into the hole!! 🙂

I read books like all the bright place, 13 reasons why, twilight, Harry Potter… tell me some other books similar to my taste?

What are the things a guy must keep in mind while going on date with you?

What are the things a guy must keep in mind while going on date with you? by Sthiti

Answer by Sthiti:

This are the things a guy must keep in mind before going on a date with me..

  1. I dont date with guys who smokes or drinks, according to me they are tooo blunt and ignorant.. they dont love themselves how will they love and care fore someone else?
  2. I wont date with guys who are more than 4 years elder than me ( i just turned 18 on june 11th -_-)
  3. no other romantic possibilities other than holding hands for few minutes will be the maximum limit 😛
  4. I wont tolerate any nicknames, like sweety, honey..or darling..just address me by Sthiti..
  5. be careful when asking me any questions..never ask the following.

Why are you soo cute???

I am defiantly not going to tell you the genes i have inherited from my parents, i wont tell you how crossing over of their chromosomes caused me to possess traits like the dimple on my left cheek, or my sharp romannose..

never ask anything similar to this..its extremely irking ;(

Never ask this..

why are you turning red all over your face?? / are your cheeks always that red?

Are your cheeks always that red= is it always that red or are you blushing?

I know this guy strategy very well, they try to make it seem as if the girl is blushing for his presence ;(, just because they are not being able to see themselves in the mirror!

never ever say this..

Ohooo..your hands are freezing…!!..why sooo nervous?

huh! as if your sooo hot like christiano Ronaldo! unless you are as hunky a addonis as he is..;) ehem..ehem…you wont be able to make me nervous…NOT THIS LIFE…SORRY! ;p

Any such sorry to say..i may abdicate you immediately…::::-(

6. Let me contribute some paltry amount once the bill arives..It seems as if its a tradiion in our country that the guy only has to pay.. :(whis is something i absolutely abhor!

Paltry=small=insignificant=Rs10…lol! …yikes 😛

7. Lastly…dont impress me by flirtacious behaviour, impress me by your intelligence, intelligence doesnt count audacity..mind it..

dont impress me by a bunch of flowers and a big teady bear..impress me by gifting a book i love..or a piece of writing written by you..

dont impress me by your looks…impress me simply by singing a song for me! ..and by a big smile 😀 sure no guys will ever apprpoach me after this!

What are the things a guy must keep in mind while going on date with you?

Why are so many girls taken?

Why are so many girls taken? by Sthiti

Answer by Sthiti:

DEAR FREINDS THE SONG BELOW IS JUST TO ADD A BIT OF HUMOUR TO THIS PIECE OF WRITING..NOTHING PERSONAL NOTED :It has been taken from this cartoon Phineas and ferb.. where a big fat and tough bully becomes extremely emotional and weak when he loses his gold fish in the ocean, might like to watch the youtube video

When I'm soaping in my bath…

I dump you in my tub…

There is no need to say another word…

You had me in glub..

Your bowl became my world..

And my world is empty now..

My love is caught into your filter..

It needs to get to u somehow…

They say that theres plenty of fish in the sea..

But your the only one for me..

Without you I'm a fish out of water.. :(*

I’m hooked please throw a line to meeeeeeeeeeeeee.. :::-(


Okay comedown friend this question can be answered on the basis of:

  • Your choice, the kind of girl you love or
  • It would be a very controversial issue of girl child aborsion.

Not all girls are take, maybe the ones whom you admie… >_<

Amartya Sen the Nobel prize winning Economist once stated in 1990 that more than 100 million women are missing in India, China and some other countries of the world. Girls are killed, aborted and abdicated because they are born GIRLS.

If you think biologically then the chance of boy birth is outnumbered by 106 male children to 100 female children. But later women outnumbers men because they are more resistent to disease, this is not any vague conjectures, its fact, certain female hormone provide protection before menopause,.

In our country we are having skewed ratio at birth. In some places in India there are around 600 girls over 1000 boys.

As soon as they get to know its a girl child, they get her aborted.

Abortion is a legal incase of any inherited disorders but sex selective abortion is morally wrong. Aborting a girl child is equal to killing!

Even in my school days, out of 60 people only 7 were girls in our class. We were assigned a maths project of surveying. We came out with the result that showed theres not a single class where there are more than 10 girls out of minimum 50.

What does this tell us?

Though I was small girl back then but I used to wonder how these educated people can plan murder of their foetuses with much more skills than uneducated people

No matter how educated they are, they would say:



But I would like to end my writing with a note of hope,

If the practice of female feticide continues as they are now it will not be very many decades before there will be not a single girl in our country only the men will remain.

The only good thing will be that men will find no other girl to torture, rape and kill.

Thankyou Shruti didi for editing ..OWE U A LOT..!

Why are so many girls taken?

What is your most treasured moment until now?

What is your most treasured moment until now? by Sthiti

Answer by Sthiti:

I would absolutely love to share this treasured experience with all my dear Quora friends.

It’s just another beautiful winter morning, I am sitting back on my cozy army chair relishing the warmness of the sunlight kissing my cheeks. 🙂

Yup, I’m sure we all are enjoying the winter mornings by either with a cup of hot coffee or a soup of bowl. Some of us just love to cuddle into our warm blankets, right?

We just love it ! Where as some children in our country are still struggling to survive the harshness of nature.

So as you can see, I'm just sitting back, not just sitting and relaxing, but

I'm reminiscing one harsh winter afternoon in Santiniketan, a town in Burdhwan district West Bengal.

Santiniketan is the pride of our Bengal, home of Nobel Laurette , Rabindra Nath Tagore. Its a beautiful place. Nothing in this whole wide world attracts me more than this place:D

I'm sharing some photos so you can picture it better as you read through.

Nowhere in this world will you find a school like this, “Pathabhavan”. School under trees, on the lap of nature, where teachers and students sit on hand woven mats . Great personalities like Nobel prize holder Amartya Sen grew up in Santiniketan, qualified from Pathabhavan.

Beautiful right? Such beautiful things can only be found in our country. 🙂

Coming back to the experience I wanted to share.

This took place in a winter vacation 2 years ago. We have our own bungalow in Santiniketan, so any vacation we get we love to spend our holidays there.

We were travelling in train first class compartment as usual, we were enjoying our journey thoroughly.

We reached Bolpur station by afternoon. Just as I stepped into the station, I felt the icy wind on my face. I immediately wrapped another shawl.

Stations are my favourite places. People busy running for the their trains, Bauls(folk singers) singing and entertaining the passengers waiting, the chaayewalas screamming, ”Chaaye chai? Chaaye chai ?”(do u want tea?)or “Lemon tea, lemon tea.”

The fruit vendors screaming, selling oranges and shouting, “Charte kuri ! Charte kuri !”(four for twenty rupees !)

The jhaalmuri or bhelpuri walas passing by with their jhunjhunies making funny sounds.

The announcer repeating the time of arrival and departure and the platform number for the next train.

Oh! So musical! I could spend the entire day watching all the actions going on without getting bored at all!

My mother started to complain about the cold. She told us to hurry for our car was waiting outside to take us to our bungalow.

But my eyes were still wandering everywhere! Trying to take a glimpse of everything, when it suddenly reached the most heartbreaking sight.

I saw two human kids, one boy and one girl, almost bare on their bodies, lying beside a mother dog and her pups, wriggling into her body, rubbing against it just to get the heat and warmness. And the mother dog was welcoming them into her arms without any complain!

I quickly opened my shawl and wrapped it around the kids. I was shocked when I felt their bare bodies were burning hot! My mother immediately fetched some warm milk from a chaaye walaa and some biscuits and cakes.

I took the girl in my arms, my didi(elder sister) took the boy, they both were gulping down the food so quickly that I could not hold my tears any longer.

God knows when was the last time they had a proper meal.

We took them to the nearest hospital where they both were admitted for Pneumonia. We sent men to search for their parents, but no one claimed for any lost kids.

They recovered within a week. My didi (elder sister)named the boy Sporsho, I named the girl Chhoya, which both means to touch or feel something 🙂

We were worried about where to find a shelter for them, but our house keeper and his wife took the responsibility of being their parents. 🙂

Now Sporsho and Chhoya are residing in Santiniketan with their parents, going to Pathabhavan. I've heard that Chhoya has already become a beautiful singer. 🙂

The thought of this treasured experience is only making me smile widely. 😀

But before I end my writing, I would like to leave a note of request to all my Quora friends.

Every year in our country, dense fog and bitterly cold weather have disrupted life across India.

We all can help them right? I'm sure we can.

Think about it before you retire to bed tonight, before you wrap yourself in your warm blanket, think about it before you finally fall asleep,

That somewhere out there, maybe in your nearest park benches, some homeless people are still struggling to stay alive, to fight the icy bitter winds.

Try to spare some some money for the welfare of the poor people who suffer the hardship of cold winters. Try to distribute some warm cloths. Try to contribute some amount to charitable shelters.

Thank you.

Edits: Thanks to Rishabdada and Shrutididi for editing my work..!!!!

What is your most treasured moment until now?

How do you know if you’re in love?

How do you know if you're in love? by Sthiti

Answer by Sthiti:

In all the places under my view..

I tried to find you…

Oneday I was surprised to see..

when you… yourself..have come to me…!!

Expressing my feelings were very tough…

that with you..i have fallen in love…. 😉

haha..enough of silly , childish poems, I wrote it when I was in grade 8..!! yup..just a kid..

I'm an adult now, I believe that I have truly loved someone…!! so I think I am elgible to answer this question.

Whenever he passed by me, during assembly in school..I felt this “inkling”..feeling of something more than “numbness”…like my heart just skipped a beat.

When I retire to bed at night,..I hug my life sized teddy bear..kiss him..before I finally close my eyes..! gosh..!!..his face just flashed in front of my eyes while I kissed..!…!abashed…!

No matter how great might day might be going at school..he ends it with a big wide smile..signalling me to take the seat beside his(school bus)..hehe..I couldn't help blushing…I guess we both blushed 🙂

If you really love someone, you never truly get tired of him, we spend the entire day together,and when he finally says goodbye..I start missing him from the very second!

and here we go again..chatting the rest of night until we finally retire to bed at 5am..! still didn't get enough of each other,..!! yet not fagged out!

I would think of him till the last second before I finally fall into deep slumber..

Ok, so you might be thinking that,finally this crazy girl will not think of him for few hours..! but nope!…now she is dancing with her Prince Charming in her dreams!!

and when she wakes up the next morning..she realises..he is already in her mind:)

Real love is selfless..I was the most important person in my world..until I found him…his needs became much more important than my own..this is just how love is..your needs always seem trivial to your significant other’s need..:D

You know you truly love someone when you love his imperfections, you take them as his uniqueness, and its these imperfections which you admire the most about him..!!Love is the ability to know and accept a person's fault……………….You may know the imperfections of a person you love, but having the ability to embrace them…likely won't happen unless you really fall in love =)

When you are in love with him its hard to imagine a future without him 😉

I can make this writing very lengthy, but will stop for now, if you feel the above I assure you are in true love, Because I know I'm in true love with him….:D..Atleast, if this isn't love, then I don't know what is 🙂

But before I end..I would like to say something which I really believe in…


True love isn't born…it is made….everyday….OVER and OVER again..;)


How do you know if you're in love?

What makes a woman or girl unattractive?

What makes a woman or girl unattractive? by Sthiti

Answer by Sthiti:

Disclaimer : If you find any of my words wrong/insulting or lacking in some aspects, please consider me as another imperfect, completely oblivious, brainless kid and forgive me :D..The following is written from my personal experiances .

Not all girls are same..dduuh.. :p

Asian paints Job done on your face >_<(extreme makeup)

A little would be fine..but some ladies wear so much makeup that they would go completely unrecognised without any!

Sulking (—_—)

lets think of a situation when a guy made her girl wait for 10 mins..hehe…dude get ready to face some serious sulking..She will probably showcase her sulking more by rotating her face 90 degrees from you and make ,..fake sobs 😦

Back Bitching/ backstabbing

They may look like best buddies.. yet will bitch 50 times about each other…yet behave like long lost sister when together *double faced*


spending their entire life relying on dad, husband or bf.

Not having their own say/ opinion

Not standing up for something that you feel is wrong ..shunning away..fearing of involving in a fuss, hence not doing justice. Lack of confidence.

Melodrama Queen! *=_=

Over complicating paltry issues ..followed by her voice transcending from sad to tragic..followed by tears welling up…all the nasty emotions decide to visit her altogether!!…followed by a round of never ending cry.. :P……trying to console her would be another painful story ! (→_→)*”

Baby talk/ Asking for nickname from her Boyfreind..

Awwwwwwwww…..chooooo choooooo sweeeeet..??!!!…Your my cutie patutiiii ..greenapple pie…eddy teddy….muah muahh..muaah….yeah annoying as hell..!

Also when they ask for sweet sweet nicknames..guys you better give her a nice one..orelse she might make you rename her entire family! 😛

Fluttering Eyelashes/ playing with strands of hair and laughing nonstop..(→_→)

when women laugh nonstop in front of guys ..playing with their hair..curling them with a finger and fluttering means they are trying to flirt..why not just give a genuine smile? :p

Extreme health consciousness

There are some girls who hardly eat any human portion of food ..but still jump around asking for treats ..

Making a disgusted face when its her foes birthday …lying that she hates the flavour of the cake…refusing to have one..then finally accepting the tiniest piece possible with human fingers ;(

Dragging out words

Girls love to drag ou words like..stretching it 5 times its normal length








You’d look better!!

Rejecting Guys like Anything!

Like as if it has become their birth right to reject them..!!!( i fall in this category :D)

Screaming at their highest pitch possible!!!!!

Showing the world out their boyfreinds pic and screaming at their highest pitch if showing her Brad Pit or Cristiano Ronaldo Naked 😛

Judging someone by his clothes 😦

Only women have this special area in their brain which keeps track of everything she or her freinds wore last 20 times!!!!!Q!….never miss to pass a comment and judge her nature.

Not knowing when to shut their crap up!

Oh boy!…i love this nature of guys..they do know how to shut up,,,!! girls don't!


Who kissed whom…and got dumped by whom..why she brokeup with her ex…and blah blah..I suppose Gossip habbits die hard 😛

Bossy looks “O.O”

“ you are my property” wala look takes a permanent residence on her face once she makes a boyfreind (—_—)

Only god knows how much guts I had to gather to decide to write this..

Only god knows how much my hands were shaking while I was typing this…

I had to think a hundred times before I finally tapped on “submit”

.and I killed 20 minutes of my study break to write this..probably the most dreaded 20 minutes of my life ..”O.o”

And now…

I'm looking for a deep dark hole to hide myself..please don't throw eggs 😦

What makes a woman or girl unattractive?

Who do you miss the most in your life?

Who do you miss the most in your life? by Sthiti

Answer by Sthiti:

The only person I'm missing in my life is my Baba (Dad). I am going to express how much I miss him through a letter .

Dear Dad,

I love you.

I know writing a letter this day seems a little old school, but sometimes penning down words seem much easier than standing in front of you and telling you how much I miss you, and how much you mean to me.

Do you remember how you stood behind me , while I struggled to gain balance, while learning to ride my bicycle? How you insisted on removing those training wheels because you felt I was big enough to ride solo? And how, when I rode perfectly without falling, you jumped up in glee and shouted, “hurray!”

Do you remember when you pushed me into the swimming pool ? So I could get over with the fear to drown ? Hehe, the thought of it is bringing a nostalgic smile on my lips.

Do you remember how you shielded me when Mom would run behind me for my mischiefs? Do you remember carrying me on your arms to my favourite icecream parlour to stop me from crying?

I’m not going to lie Dad, that since you left , it hasn’t been a perfectly happy life.

Do you know that I call you with unknown numbers of my friends ? Hold on to the phone just to hear your voice. I never answer . God knows how I’ll survive if you ever change your number. Dad you never sound happy. Dad, my interiors are in pain, just tell me. Where are you? Why did you leave without informing me? Why didn't you wait until I came back from school? Don't you love me anymore? Don't you ever hear me crying? Don't you ever hear me calling? I just wish I could have said the last goodbye, given you the last hug.

At night, I sometimes look up at the sky and make wish to the brightest star, I wish I could have you right beside me now!

Dad , I want to tell you everything you missed and everything you lost , because you never got to know my Mom. Your absence created a mixture of anger, sadness, longing, loneliness and disappointment in our mind.

Do you know? my brother Ankur, he doesn't even remember your face clearly. I just tell him that Baba looks a lot like him, you should see the kid's face lightened up. Do you Know? He has grown so tall! The youngest member of our family , but yet the tallest! he is 5′8′ at 12 years only! He is an amazing cricket player. I feel so bad for the kid. Every year we drop him at the Cricket tournament venue, he begs for us to stay and watch him play and cheer for him. The fathers of other kids would come and do the cheering for their sons.Dad ,it isn't fair! He needs you, he deserves your company !

Do you know Dad ? Every year on my birthday, I wait and keep hope that you will appear , but where? You never came. The last time we had you on our birthdays was five years back. I wish things were never this way.

Dad, its hard for me to say this after so many years but its true! I miss you Dad.

But hey! its never too late!

I wish everything becomes normal. I wish you to see your little Princess grown up into a real one! I'm longing for your warm hug Dad!

I missed you for a long time, come back now! I will introduce you to this amazing gentleman, he has been eager to meet you for quite some time! You must hear everything before Mom finds out, you know how she reacts.

I repeat Dad, Its never too late . We cannot change the past, but we can have a fresh start.

Just remember wherever you are, my love for you will always burn.


Your little Sthiti.

Who do you miss the most in your life?

What’s the best answer when your girlfriend asks “How much do you love me”?

What's the best answer when your girlfriend asks "How much do you love me”? by Sthiti

Answer by Sthiti:

Priya and Bijit were waiting at the Shivaji Chatrapati Terminus railway station, Mumbai. They were friends since grade 8. Bijit once proposed to Priya when they were in grade 10, but Priya refused. After that, they remained as best friends.

But something was seriously paining Priya today, about the thought that Bijit will be leaving Delhi to do his MA in Manipal.

Priya’s eye felt heavy from holding back tears since she left home.

Their hands were intertwined , they waited for the the train to arrive in silence, keeping their gaze down.

As time passed by, tears were already blurring her vision.

She finally broke down into tears when the train arrived at platform no. 12.

Bijit: Why these tears Priya? Are you not happy with my progress?

Priya: Bijit…When do I next get to see you?

Bijit: After semesters are over, silly! (he wiped the tears from her eyes and pulled her bubbly cheeks).

Priya: when someone wipes off your tears, they get this very strong feeling of tears welling up with more force..(She continued her sobbing. Once again a hot stream of tears ran down her cheeks…).

Bijit: Now what is this Priya?..How do I leave you crying like this?

Priya: Bijit…do you love me?…(Her voice almost breaking).

Bijit: Yes ofcourse!

Priya: How much?

Bijit: (He spreads out his arm as wide as possible )This much silly…(they hugged).

Priya: (She sobbed into his chest , hands clutching at his  leather jacket, Bijit held her in a warm embrace, rocking her slowly like a baby as her tears soaked his chest. A tiny lapse made her pull away, her lashes still heavy with tears..) Bijit….(her voice barely audible

Bijit:How much do you love me ?

Priya: You know how much! That goes without any saying,she blushed and kept her gaze down.

Bijit: Oh reaallyyy??!

Priya: Yes!

Bijit: Are you serious you love me?

Priya: Yes!

Bijit: Enough to runaway with me right now?


Bijit: Enough to marry me

Priya: Yes!”Yes! Yes! …She jumped into him once more..her angel face was only few inches from his, they were looking into each other's eyes..trying to read each other's thoughts

Bijit: Just One thing…he came closer..his lips melting into hers….with the salty taste of Priya’s tears 😛

They kissed , as the siren of the train blew, signalling the departure of the train..They kissed with such spontaneous passion that Bijit missed his train to Manipal.

Everyone in the station stopped and stared for a while, they began to clap ,Bijit and Priya could see nothing, hear nothing..! They were just too plunged.

And so they lived Happily Ever After :*

What's the best answer when your girlfriend asks "How much do you love me”?